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Real Estate License Course Descriptions

ALabama License Fundamentals  60 Hrs  $299.00
This prelicense course introduces the student to various types of real estate careers.  It also explores property rights, forms of ownership, property restrictions, and zoning. You will learn the mathematical calculations and formulas commonly used in the real estate industry plus our course provides an overview of agency relationships, contract law, property transfers, listing agreements, and deeds as well as environmental issues that licensees may encounter. The general prelicense section ends with an exploration of loans and the loan process, leasing, appraisal methods, and fair housing laws. We also cover  Alabama license law,  licensee conduct, and the organization and duties of the Alabama Real Estate Commission.

Florida Real Estate License- 4 options  $99.00 - $179
  • Basic Pkg  63.0 Hrs   
  • Premium Pkg  63.0 Hrs 
  • Ultimate Success Pkg  63.0 Hrs   
  • Special Florida Pre License Pkg 63 Hrs
         with  *FREE* Florida Salesperson Exam Prep
         and *Complimentary* Real Estate Finance Course
This Florida Pre-License Salesperson Course is a 63-hour course required by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) for anyone who wishes to become a licensed real estate agent in Florida. It utilizes interactive technology and audio in an appealing way that facilitates the learning of the comprehensive, state-required topics of real estate principles for salespersons. Each of the 20 modules begins with an introduction, learning objectives, and key terms.The modules are divided into lessons, which are followed by quizzes to test student comprehension. Each module concludes with activities and case studies that allow students to apply the knowledge they have gained from the modules’ lessons. The introductions, lesson summaries, and module summaries are all available in a printable format for reference purposes.

Missouri Real Estate License24-48 Hrs 3 Options $339 - $448
  • Basic Prelicensing Package
  • Premium Prelicensing Package
  • Ultimate Success Prelicensing Package
The Basic package contains Missouri Real Estate Practice and Missouri Salesperson Pre-Examination.  In addition to those 2 courses, the Premium package adds the Missouri Real Estate Exam Prep and the Ultimate package has those 3 plus Real Estate Math and Instructor Connect.

Montana Real Estate License
Montana Sales Prelicense   60.0  $299.00
Montana Broker Prelicense  60.0  $399.00 
The Sales prelicense course introduces the student to various types of real estate careers, explores property rights, forms of ownership, property restrictions, and zoning. Students will learn the mathematical calculations and formulas commonly used in the real estate industry plus an overview of agency relationships, contract law, property transfers, listing agreements. loans and the loan process, leasing, ethics, and fair housing laws. The Montana License Law section examines the laws and rules governing the licensing and conduct of Montana real estate professionals.The course closes with the condominium requirements under the Montana Unit Ownership Act.
The Broker license  explores the major areas real estate brokers confront when operating a real estate brokerage firm. It has sections on  successful business management,  brokerage administration management, business planning, office policies, human resources, licensee training, risk management, and technology.

Texas Real Estate License3 options $468 - $549
180 Hour Basic  Prelicense Package
180 Hour Premium  Prelicense Package
180 Hour Ultimate  Prelicense Package

Virginia Real Estate License - 60 Hrs -  $179
Virginia Principles of Real Estate is a 60-hour course required by the Virginia Real Estate Board (VREB) for anyone who wishes to become a licensed real estate salesperson in Virginia. The course provides a comprehensive overview of real estate principles.
Virginia Principles of Real Estate contains the following modules:
•Real Estate as a Career
•Virginia License Law
•Real Property Ownership and Land Use
•Code of Ethics in Real Estate Practice
•Fair Housing
•Contracts, Purchase and Sale Agreements
•Environmental Hazards
•Titles and Records
•Liens, Taxes and Foreclosures
•Listing Agreements
•Closing and Settlement Costs
•Real Estate Appraisal
•Real Estate Finance
•Real Estate Math

Modules begin with an introduction, learning objectives, and key terms. As students work through the course, they should keep the learning objectives in mind and refer to the key terms as necessary. The modules are divided into lessons and number from four to eight lessons per module. Modules conclude with activities and case studies that permit students to apply the knowledge they have gained to real-world situations.

Washington Real Estate License - 90 Hrs - $289 
This package contain following courses:
  • Washington Real Estate Fundamentals
  • Washington Real Estate Practices
To be licensed as a real estate salesperson, you must:
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Complete a 60 clock-hour course in real estate fundamentals. Clock hours must be completed within 5 years prior to application for examination. A list of approved real estate courses are available in the real estate course catalog.
  • Obtain a Candidate Handbook, which contains the examination application, from the course provider. Have your school stamp and complete the required information on the Examination Application.
  • Schedule an exam with the provider of our Real Estate examinations, Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), at the number provided in the candidate handbook.
  • Pass the examination. Those who pass the exam will receive information on how to apply for a license. Results are valid until June 30th, 2010. If you allow your exam score to expire, you will have to complete new education requirements, reapply for the exam, and pass the new exam.
  • complete and submit the Real Estate Salesperson, Associate Broker, or Branch Manager Application with the appropriate fee.




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